Dreamlord of Autumn


Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Palewraith
Court: Autumn
Title: Dreamlord
Keeper: Avalon / Deviltree

Known Merits
Court Goodwill (Spring)
Oneiromachy Fighting Style

If Pearl didn’t have her uniquely colored hair and offbeat style of dress, she could go entirely unnoticed. There is an eternalness to her appearance that blends her into nothingness.


Pearl and Iris Painter are tight friends and have been for years, before they both chose their respective Courts. While Spring and Autumn often butt heads politically Pearl has often been the center of compromise and rationality on both sides.

Her force of will in dreams in well known to be unmatched. To Pearl, the suggestion that our dreams are not a part of reality is offensive.

The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness – The National


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